quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010


- Analice Rol

Wandering on these streets
I let my tears come out
And the air enter inside my lungs
I`m here lost and alone
With brazilian shoes
And sunglasses
- Nobody can see my red eyes
- Nobody can see my cold toes
I change the song

Wandering on these streets
People, especially men
Look at me at the same time
They know that I`m not from here
These eyes and this nose are from Brazil,
Mexico, wherever
But are not from America

I realized that I`m here by myself
Speaking english, thinking in english,
Forgeting my language and my name

I`m here
Wandering on these streets
In Brighton Beach
Looking for a pharmacy
To buy a tooth brush
And a tissue for my tears

I`m here, crying
The child who lives in me
Is dying
I throw it up
I grew up!
I`m in Brooklyn
Missing the picture
I have never taken with my family
Missing the eyes I saw yesterday
I`m here alone
And the wind is holding my hand.

(New York, april 28, 2010)

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

How to get a broken heart

- Analice Alves

First of all, try to don`t think
about yourself and be worried
about birds and bees

Second, travel to other country
or other town and fall in love
with somebody who you will never
see again

Finally, go back to your place
Kiss your parents, take a nap
Call your friends, go to parties

Put your hand on your heart
You cannot feel, but trust me
It is broken

Your eyes will shed tears
on your face

(New York, April 16 - 2010)