quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010


- Analice Rol

Wandering on these streets
I let my tears come out
And the air enter inside my lungs
I`m here lost and alone
With brazilian shoes
And sunglasses
- Nobody can see my red eyes
- Nobody can see my cold toes
I change the song

Wandering on these streets
People, especially men
Look at me at the same time
They know that I`m not from here
These eyes and this nose are from Brazil,
Mexico, wherever
But are not from America

I realized that I`m here by myself
Speaking english, thinking in english,
Forgeting my language and my name

I`m here
Wandering on these streets
In Brighton Beach
Looking for a pharmacy
To buy a tooth brush
And a tissue for my tears

I`m here, crying
The child who lives in me
Is dying
I throw it up
I grew up!
I`m in Brooklyn
Missing the picture
I have never taken with my family
Missing the eyes I saw yesterday
I`m here alone
And the wind is holding my hand.

(New York, april 28, 2010)